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Welcome to the only ethical and free crowdfunding platform in our cyberspace.

Feel free to look at the projects on the site. We can be contacted by using the contact form in the tab above.

At the moment the Community Interest Company and the previous people behind this website: Ludwig, Les, Donna, Lesley, Ian, and Dani have invested their own money and time into this project.

3 years ago, I, Ludwig, came up with the idea to create a free crowdfund platform when I learned that he needed to pay £500 to a crowdfund website simply for the use of their website. I needed to raise £10.000 for my permaculture farm. Frankly I was disgusted. I see no difference between usury of a bank or of the big crowdfunding platforms. I assembled a team and we pulled it off! You are looking at it.

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We are ready to receive applications for your funding projects. Before you start, please look at the terms and conditions below. If you agree with them, register and make a draft. Contact us if you have any questions or need some technical assistance.


You can help us by donating to the site because we are passionate about our website and we believe in it fully. We appreciate donations to help us pay for for the hosting and software subscriptions and to make the site even better.

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This website is powered by donations. There is no obligation to donate at all.