Donate to Earth Ways

We recognise that there are many people out there with practical ideas for caring for each other of for our planet, but they often lack the funding to get their projects off the ground. Through Earth Ways’ Crowdfunding Platform, lots of people – each giving a small amount – can make these wonderful things happen.

What makes us different?
Earth Ways’ Crowdfunding Platform will host projects which have their roots in the ethical principles of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share. These may include: permaculture design courses, environmental education, native tree planting, community building, local food and artistic projects, … Earth Ways welcomes any and all initiatives whose ultimate aim is to make the Earth and our society a better place. If you want to learn more about these criteria, have a look here.

All payments made to the projects go straight to the project. Money does not pass through our website or our accounts.

Most crowdfunding sites charge substantial fees, with as much as 5-10% of funds raised, taken by the site. At Earth Ways we want as much money as possible to go towards the projects themselves and that’s why we will keep costs to an absolute minimum and will not take any profit – we DO NOT take a percentage. All campaigners (site users) pay is paypal costs.
We want to try to get the other costs like hosting, software, registration, business costs, software subscriptions all paid for by donations. So that you will get to keep more of the funds you raise. To make sure it works like as good as any other professional site, we have purchased decent software, with a team of professionals ready to help us manage problems.
Our staff will be paid a fair wage for the work they do and any potential leftovers will be invested back into your projects on our site.

Who are we?
Earth Ways’ Crowdfunding Platform is created by a team led by Permaculture Teacher Ludwig Appeltans and Danielle Quist who are based in Forres in Scotland. We are incredibly lucky to have found a team willing to provide us with services, with the risk that if we don’t make it no-one will be paid. We have developed the website and you are looking at it right now.

Please support this goal. If you prefer to avoid the Paypal fees when making a larger donation, a bank transfer or cheque is possible too. Please contact us on the form above if you wish to do so.

Make a Donation to the Earth Ways Crowdfunding Platform
Please help us raise enough money to keep our new low-cost crowdfunding website free for anyone desiring to live gently and cleverly on our Earth.