ABUN-DANCE: 24hr Prayer Dance Ceremony

A 24hr Prayer Dance to generate energy and finance to support trainee OneSpirit Interfaith ministers class of 2018

Medbh Community February 21, 2018 at 2:32 pm
Pledged of £4,500 goal
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Hello, my name is Medbh Boyle. I live in Dublin Ireland and am a trainee Interfaith minister.

          From 12noon on FRIDAY MARCH 30th 2018

I will dance prayers for 24hrs to generate energy and finance to support trainee OneSpirit Interfaith Ministers class of 2018.

It is my intention to add to our class bursary by dancing continually for 24 hours in sacred, meditative and ecstatic moving prayer practice.


By donating to this event you will be supporting the emergence of a new breed of wonderful, wyrd and wild spiritual ministers in your communities! We will be here to assist you in the creation of new and beautiful ceremonies for what ever you want to mark, the way you want to mark it- Baby Welcoming, Rites of Passage, Home Blessings, Weddings, Celebrations, Love, Loss, Death, Healing, Releasing, Blessing, Ritual… If you can dream it- we welcome it!

There are also wonderful gifts to be received: Prayer Flags, Guided Meditations, Song Requests and Poems- See Reward Packages listed in side bar (or scroll below if you’re on a small device)

All funds raised by this ceremony will go directly into the ‘Class of 2018 bursary fund’, and then distributed by a group committee to those trainees (myself included) in need of help covering costs relating to fees, travel to London, accommodation, supervision, books etc.



I will be the only person dancing prayers (or being danced by them!) for the full 24hours, but I hope to be surrounded and filled by the prayers and intentions of many of you, and I have no doubt I will be joined by many Spirit and nature beings…I will be sustained by the energy of the dance, music and people’s prayers…resting within movement where required, along with taking water and a minimum of food.

We hope to also be able to facilitate evening and morning sessions for people to join the ceremony at the venue, and via a live internet feed- so that you can dance with us from wherever you are in the world! Please follow the Facebook page below if you are interested to know more about this.


Dancing has been a part of ceremony and ritual in human cultures for centuries and can be seen in Sufi Whirling Dervish traditions, Indigenous Tribal ecstatic dance ceremonies and more modern practices such as 5 Rhythms and Movement Medicine- all of which have nourished me  for over 10 years.

I hold a the view that all creative expression and all music expression is sacred – so I will be dancing to all sorts- once there’s rhythm, its welcome! Similarly, all prayers (once they wish no harm to others) are welcome- be they for people, places, projects, inspiration, healing or dreams.


You are welcome to donate as much as you like to this event. For those of you donating from € zones we regret that payments can only be taken as sterling £ on this site, we acknowledge that this will incur somewhat more cost for you, thank you deeply for your tolerance of this and hope you will still contribute.

– as you will see in the sidebar/ below we are offering a number of different gifts for you to receive in return


Our intention as One Spirit Ministers undertaking this training is to offer diverse and inclusive ceremonies, such weddings, baby welcoming, rites of passage, funerals etc which are created with and for people, according to their own personal spiritual beliefs and interests- which may involve specific faith paths or none. We also endeavor to hold welcoming spaces for people to explore their spiritual development through spiritual counselling and other methods. We will serve a wide range of communities in Ireland, UK and beyond. (See link below for more info)

Our two year training involves a rich and rigorous process which requires great personal commitment -spiritually, physically and emotionally,  and significant investment of energy, time and finance. As is often the case, we cannot manage all aspects alone. We endeavor to support each other within this group and we draw on support from beyond, into the communities we in turn support through our work and play- which hopefully includes you!


I very much want to thank the very generous Charlie Sundstrom, the creator of the Dance Temple venue and a teacher of Movement Medicine, who is hosting and supporting me. You can see more of the space and her work here  https://www.expressionsdancebeara.com/dance-temple

Thank you also to my wonderful OneSpirit companions, community and faculty…for more info about this exciting organisation and what it may offer you visit here: https://www.interfaithfoundation.org/about-us/

To follow this Prayer Dance event further visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/events/347068799124278/

Thank you to dear friends who have and will be providing technical and care support during the ceremony- and all who will be supporting in spirit.

You can contact Medbh about this event at: abundancer2018@gmail.com