Ask Dr Liz CIC (Community Interest Company) – Social Enterprise

Deliver Ground Breaking 24/7 A&E Mental Health Assessment & Treatment Solutions. Regional Music, Comedy, Food, Gaming & Art Festivals.

Yasmin Community February 5, 2019 at 6:08 pm
Pledged of £85,413 goal
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Mental Health is a huge crisis in many communities. The NHS and Service Providers need Action and Help, NOW.

45% of people are currently suffering from some form of Mental Health difficulty. At the current rate of presentation, in 5 years that figure will be over 70%.

Non-Intervention is NO LONGER an option

Ask Dr Liz and LizFest will ‘Do Exactly What It Said On The Tin’ – Deliver 24/7 A&E style access to Mental Health Resources, Assessment and Treatment options.

Our ambitions and foundations are to provide services and resources, Free for communities with the greatest need. In addition, resources will be further generated through complimentary specialised Student, Workplace and Mental Health initiatives. Alongside a series of Commercial and Regionalised Festival opportunities, currently supported by some of our Regions finest stars* and proponents of their crafts, our LizFest weekends of Music, Comedy, Food, Gaming and Art, will provide a backdrop of Aspiration, Entertainment and Innovation that is derived by and for our Cultural Heritage.

Currently in advanced stage planning at one of the North Easts largest, most prestigious venues, LizFest aims to break down barriers to accessing services and creating an inclusive environment, enabling Ask Dr Liz CIC to help those in a Mental Health crisis in real time, whilst working to provide longer term Assessment and Treatment solutions. Headline Stars and not-so-famous but should be Stars bringing Entertainment and World Record attempts!

*A number of our Regions finest willing to bring their talents to LizFest including, Maximo Park, Ginger & The Wildhearts, The Hairy Bikers, Lauren Pattison, Rahul Kohli, Louise Taylor to name but a few to date (Subject to contract).

Primary Beneficiaries & Resources:

CAMHS – Child & Adolescent Mental Health Services

Old Age Psychiatric Mental Health Services + Social/Community Engagement Activities.

Social Enterprises and Charities providing Personal Feminine Hygiene Products in areas of Social Deprivation.

Adult Mental Health Services.

A ‘Touchpoint’ for Individuals, Education Sector, Students, Employers, Employees. Coordinate with Mental Health providers, Community, Social Enterprise and Charitable groups to offer On and Offline with face to face treatment for Clients, Education and Work-based training for employers and employees.

** Access All Areas Tickets Allows Access to All VIP and Associated Areas (Maps will be included with tickets). Some Zones are off-limits to all Ticket Holders to ensure Safety and Security for all personnel.