Bearo’s Recovery

This is to allow our awesome community to support an awesome persons recovery

Gemma Community October 16, 2017 at 10:26 pm
Pledged of £6,500 goal
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Charles (aka Bearo’s) life hasn’t been going so well for him recently.   He really needs the love of his friends and community right now and he is reaching out for help, his only reason he has given for not seeking it – is that he does not have the means to do so.

Bearo is a very special and intelligent person who has so much to offer to the world.  He is a recovering addict, who was recently living in temporary accommodation when an unstable neighbour broke in and attacked him from behind with a claw hammer which ruptured three arteries in his head resulting in the loss of four pints of blood. Usually attempted murder would be treated very seriously, however it appears the stigma around addicts meant Bearo did not receive the same service as you would expect. The police recorded the incident as an “accident”.  He was discharged by the hospital the same day and had no option but to return to the flat that the attack happened in.  Bearo feared for his life and called the police repeatedly to see if they had somewhere safe for him to go, unfortunately they would only help if he was attacked again. It was his friends not the authorities who managed to get him to a safe place that night. In the morning Bearo contacted the council to report that he no longer felt safe there. Shockingly their response was to immediately change the locks with no warning or notice, essentially an illegal eviction, effectively making Bearo homeless in the same week as being a victim of attempted murder.

NHS rehabilitation options are limited in the UK since it has never been a funding priority. Many of the centre websites warn that you are unlikely to get in through the NHS due to the long waiting lists and the many hurdles the government force you through.   Professionals often talk about the “short window of opportunity” during which addicts are susceptible to choosing recovery – usually after things hit rock bottom.   This combined with the NHS obstacles, mean many addicts don’t get the help they so very need.

Many of you know, lifestyle and habits take much longer to break than the medical ones.  Bearo has expressed the desire to leave Edinburgh for a period of time at least so he can break some of the negative social and psychological connections that he has developed within the city. This will allow Bearo the crucial time to break lifelong habits, the longer the rehabilitation period – the more chance of success Bearo has of a lifelong recovery, in particular a ninety day primary care program has been shown to have the best chance of success. The chances increase further when combined with a six month transition period.   The amount that we can raise will determine that period.

The UK is young when it comes to the latest rehabilitation techniques instead resorting to such methods as locking addicts in a room for a few weeks with substitute medication with nothing to do. The most effective methods involve a combination of re-education and keeping busy with a variety of activities from sports and learning new skills to community work. Often, these methods are only available privately and typically cost between £15-30 k for a 90 day treatment! Luckily our friend Zoe works for an organisation called Seasons which is reporting amazing breakthroughs in Bali with a 76 % success rate (No relapse 1 year after treatment) with their 90 day program. They have just set up a new centre in Sri Lanka; which has opened up an opportunity to access a high level of care at a great price. We have all been very moved so far by the amount of support from Bearo’ friends and family and we have been busy negotiating a deal which will maximise the funds we have already raised to give him the best chance of success. If Bearo takes a shared room, they have offered their 90 day program at just £5000! That is only £6057 including travel, insurance, passport and fundraising fees. (Mostly Paypal fees plus a £50 donation to this site)

Of course – you don’t need to worry that all of this will just be released to Bearo, the programmes, flights etc will all be paid for directly where possible – and Bearo is making a concerted effort.

Every pound will help, however if you can’t afford to donate but still want to help Bearo – there are a number of ways you can do this:

– Visit him for a chat – he is feeling pretty isolated and alone right now

-Offer him a meal – he could really do with the nutrition with the amount of blood he lost

-Recommend / Research short term rehabiliation programme

-Recommend / Research long term transition / volunteering programmes

– Help with paperwork / passports / visa etc

– Offer a place to stay for a few nights, whilst we work this out

Let’s see if we can all do something really special for Bearo  – and give him his life back – the one he used to have when there was a world of potential where nothing was impossible *