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Politicians managed to scare away final investors by outlawing this Earthship build (the first started in Sweden) in 2012.

We eventually "won", but now ten years later of working by hand and finding free materials has left us drained and anxious, since we've been working on all fronts and not just the ship. We're trying desperately to keep our promises to the kids now but only have the real human beings to turn to for help to crowdfund the completion of this game-changing project for the North.

Other self-financing sustainable initiatives will be activated on completion of the ship, including "Midgård Gardens" (sustainable plant nursery and garden centre / fresh produce for the local surrounding community), sustainability/Earthship projects aligned with indigenous first nations on request and food forest establishment for the surrounding community here in Västragötaland, thus shrinking their oil dependency for their food. On the larger scale - shrinking conflict and ecocide in desperation for the oil.

Long term, we are looking at combinations of International off-grid hostels, Summer acoustic events with also indigenous speakers and seasonal markets.

Altogether, the whole concept of this has been developing for nearly 30 years and has been intensively studied for all it can contribute to a more balanced, sane and peaceful world.

By helping co-fund this concept, you are helping a microcosm to root deep within the pyramid structure of todays corporate nation states, in this case on a landbase in South sweden. You are solidifying a circle that has both substance and promise (which even has place for new members, contact me on Facebook for more details). We have been struggling for years to keep the doorway open for people to find and utilise this concept, but inevitably, we need to show it all on the micro first for people to understand it in it's entirity.

Please, lets put our hearts, minds and energy together for the sake of the coming generations and give this vision one, last, push.....into manifestation.

HUGE thanks to all from around the world who have contributed and participated so far in our research to find the smallest eco-footprint for the Northern bio-region, ever! The first half of the Blackship is in care of the international Midgård Band of the Coop and will remain so for as long as the people keep coming to contribute to the transition. Please feel free to visit the land at anytime and see the progress (including the surrounding food forest that will inevitably follow), otherwise, a heartfelt "Peace" to all who are working for it, wherever ye may be.

For all our relations

Kevin Schot, Sandra brovall and kids


(Kevin is Founder and Treasurer of the Midgård Band of the Medicine Ways Co-operative, Västragötaland, Sweden!)

A recent article on the situation, in Swedish but website automatically translates I hear:

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