Bruce’s Sober For October

Bruce will be sober for the entirety of October to raise funds to provide winter clothing for as many of the homeless currently residing in Manchester City Centre

Bruces Sober for October Community September 15, 2016 at 11:21 pm
Pledged of £1,000 goal
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This idea has come about because a friend of mine goes out on a monthly basis in Manchester City Centre to support some of the homeless people currently residing there.  Some are ex military, some are with drug and alcohol issues and some are suffering with mental health issues..some are young people who have been thrown out by parents.  My friend goes out each month and does what he can off his own back.  I want to help support him to put some winter clothes on these guys.   For every £50 we raise a rough sleeper will be given a pair of waterproof boots, waterproof overcoat and trowsers, thermal socks, scarf, hat and gloves, a gound mat, a backpack with items in it to make things a bit easier….

My target is 1k to help 20 rough sleepers.  But lets not stop there, for every £50 we can help another person.  Please remember whatever the reason these people have ended up on the streets, they are somebody’s son or daughter..for the price of a brew you can make a difference…

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