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A group of volunteers have begun a project to tidy up and grow herbs, vegetables and fruit outside Castlehill Church at the west end of the High Street, Forres.

This work is inspired by Mary Clear one of the pioneers of Incredible Edible Todmorden ( who brought regeneration to their town centre.  Mary visits us here at Forres Town Hall, May 18th 7:30pm and at Moray Arts Centre May 19th at 7:30pm to tell us their story, please feel free to come and join us!

The aim of the group is to create a stronger, more resilient community and plan to start by growing local food for local people - free of charge.

What We Will Do

We will create a garden in the grounds of Castlehill Church, all of our output will be offered free to the community.  We have the permission of the owner and so far have installed two large raised beds.  There will be information boards explaining how to grow food and inviting passers-by to pick your own.

We wish to raise £500 to help start us on our journey for resources such as seeds, compost, topsoil, garden tools, raised beds, a small shed, fruit trees and signage.

Why It’s a Great Idea

The benefits are as varied and abundant as the vegetables we hope to grow.  Inclusiveness is a key priority, and we will be reaching out to many different people;

  • For those who want to get their hands dirty, community gardening is a healthy, creative, satisfying, fun and sociable outdoor activity.  We welcome old and young, experienced gardeners and absolute beginners.  This is a great way to meet people and learn new skills.

  • By cleaning up a site which has become run-down and by bringing volunteers into the town centre, we hope to do our bit to help revitalise the High Street.  We have the support of a long standing local group Forres in Bloom  who manage flower beds and will contribute to their fantastic work in making Forres a beautiful, colourful town.

  • We seek to raise awareness of environmental issues.  Together we will explore approaches to building a more sustainable future for our planet and for ourselves.

Other Things We Might Do

Looking forward, we see huge potential for expanding this project.  Forres is full of hidden places - patches of unloved land which could be transformed with the right kind of attention.  We would love to involve local schools, businesses, food producers and community groups.  In a world where ordinary people feel increasingly alienated from the forces that shape their lives, we are looking for simple ways of taking back control; we invite anyone with energy and creativity to join us.  Vegetables are indeed incredible things, if you eat then you're in!

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  1. Mrs M Allan 
    2 years ago
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    2 years ago

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