Cultural Emergence Foundation Courses in the UK and Europe

This page is the home of the first wave of pioneering Cultural Emergence Foundation Courses in the UK and Europe. These workshops are being shared by facilitators who have attended the Cultural Emergence Leadership Training with Looby Macnamara (author of People and Permaculture and 7 ways to think differently) and Jon Young (founder of 8 Shields Institute) in July. This first wave of courses are being offered at a discounted rate here to create momentum for these courses.

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This page is the home of the first wave of pioneering Cultural Emergence Foundation courses in Europe. Cultural Emergence Foundation courses have been designed by Looby Macnamara and Jon Young. The intention of these courses is to bring minds together to create solutions for ourselves, our communities and the planet.

Through participatory and experiential activities they unleash and harness our natural resources, skills and creativity. Through creating a culture of safety and connection on the course we allow ourselves to dream, imagine, wish, design and create the world we want to live in.

These foundation courses are being offered by Cultural Emergence Leaders who have attended the Cultural Emergence Leadership Training with Looby Macnamara (author of People and Permaculture and 7 ways to think differently) and Jon Young (founder of 8 Shields Institute).

Looby and Jon have synthesised and distilled some of their experience and wisdom to co-create a set of core routines and principles that guide us through the cultural emergence experience. These are now being shared by these trained and skilled Cultural Emergence Leaders who will further evolve, adapt, evolve, emerge and fine tune these tools for maximum effectiveness on these foundation courses. This will contribute to the bigger vision of Cultural Emergence and it’s potential to bring healing and transformation into the world. Participants on these foundation courses will be given tools to become invigorators of cultural emergence in their communities, and will share in increasing the collective wisdom of Cultural Emergence as a tool for positive change.

Stories of Cultural Emergence will be shared by Cultural Emergence Leaders each day throughout the course of this kickstarter on the Cultural Emergence facebook page

What is cultural emergence?

Humanity is presently at a time of mass cultural emergency; we see the personal, social, political and environmental problems as stemming from a lack of cultural understanding and cohesion. We believe there are tools that can help turn this around into mass cultural emergence; where abundance, gratitude, care and connection are part of our everyday culture. Emergence is a term used in systems thinking where 2 or more things come together with unexpected results. By bringing people together with these tools and methods we have the opportunity to ask good questions and to co-create answers and solutions and emerge the culture we want.

Cultural Emergence Foundation Courses


Listen to Jon and Looby talk more about what is envisioned for Cultural Emergence here. Jon and Looby will be hosting a Cultural Emergence Basics webinar on October 6th. Anyone booked on the foundation courses will be offered this webinar at half price. For more details contact Looby via the link at the bottom of the page/* */ The Basics webinar is on is a great starter to the topic of Cultural Emergence and a prelude to the Foundation Courses.

During these courses people will come together to ask the questions :

How can we facilitate cultural change?
What do we want the new culture and new story to look like?
What part can we play in helping it to emerge?

We will look at the many levels of culture, right through from our own personal culture and patterns of being, to the global context. We will share tools, techniques, processes and ways of being, thinking and seeing differently that enable breakthroughs to occur. Inviting what may previously seem impossible to become possible through collaboration, co-creating and emergence.

People will be invited to nurture the visions they hold for themselves, their communities and the world. You will have the opportunity to consider your contribution to the world and empower yourself to keep to your true path in life.

Each course, while having the same roots, will be a unique experience bringing to light the distinct voices, skills and life experiences of the course leaders, this will be combined with the opportunity for each person to contribute to the wisdom of the group, bringing a vitality and spontaneity to each course. They will be empowering and life-transforming experiences designed to bring lasting change. These Cultural Emergence Foundation courses will be exciting, engaging, worthwhile, insightful and illuminating experiences.

How to book

Thank you for enabling these courses with your participation. We are sure they will be engaging experiences that offer you the opportunity to meet like minded people and develop your ways of thinking and being to help you contribute to an emerging regenerative culture.

There are 3 ways you can book onto the course of your choice:


– Choose the one you like on the right hand side and follow the instructions to pay by paypal or card.
– Send a message to Ludwig HERE to ask for the bank details for a direct bank transfer. (Best only for people in the UK to avoid high transfer costs.)
– You can contact the organisers of the courses HERE, to ask questions and to organise direct payments with them. (This is particularly useful for the courses outside the UK)

The Cultural Emergence course currently on offer are:

There is a google map that shows the locations of all the courses HERE

The 1st Wave of Cultural Emergence Courses are listed here. There will be a 2nd Wave of courses in Springtime. If you are interested in an Online Cultural Emergence Foundation Course or would like to attend a course in Ireland in 2017, please contact Kathleen O’Hara Farren via the link at the bottom of the page (course nr 6).

1: Delivered by Ludwig Appeltans and Deborah Benham at Newbold House, Forres, Moray, Scotland on Jan 28 – 29 2017.

Click here to learn more about Ludwig

Click here to learn more about Deborah Benham

With both our expertise combined into one course, the weekend course at Newbold House will be very rich, for sure!

2: Delivered by Heeltsje Graansma in Ecovillage Ppauw in Wageningen, The Netherlands on 8-9 October (Nederlandse vertaling vind je een beetje lager)

Click here to learn more about Heeltsje Graansma.

Permaculture and nature connection are both firmly embedded in the observation of nature. This weekend introduces you to some of the skills and practices that support you to widen your awareness and deepen your connection with yourself, others and the land. The inspiration for this program comes from the 8 shields model for nature connection and social permaculture as it is spread by Jon Young and Looby Macnamara. The course will be in Dutch.

More info on the course: HERE

2: Aangeboden door Heeltsje Graansma in Ecodorp PPauw in Wageningen in Nederland op 8 en 9 Oktober.

Hier kan je meer vernemen over Heeltsje Graansma

Permacultuur en natuurverbinding zijn allebei sterk ingebed in het observeren van de natuur. Dit weekend geeft je een introductie in een aantal van de vaardigheden en oefeningen die je ondersteunen om je bewustzijn te verbreden en de verbinding met jezelf, anderen en de aarde te vergroten. De inspiratie voor deze cursus komt van het 8 shields model voor natuurverbinding en sociale permacultuur, zoals het verspreid wordt door Jon Young en Looby Macnamara. De cursus zal in het Nederlands gegeven worden.

Meer info over de cursus: HIER

3 & 4: Delivered by Ben Salmon and Hattie Duke: two courses.

At Slough Cottage, Turnastone, Herefordshire, HR2 0RE.
The dates are: Saturday and Sunday 1st and 2nd October and Saturdays 19th and 26th November

Click here to learn more about Ben Salmon

Click here to learn more about Hattie

5: Delivered by Kerry Lane, Berrington Hall, Shropshire, England on 8th & 9th October 2016

Click here to learn more about Kerry Lane

The location of the workshop is Community owned Georgian hall and 20 acres of woodland and fields called Berrington Hall in Shropshire. It is 5 miles from Shrewsbury, accessible by public transport.

Let’s go on a playful and inspiring adventure together, connecting with nature, ourselves and others to discover the more beautiful world that our hearts know is possible.

Kerry believes that gift culture is an important element to explore as our new culture emerges. As such there is no fixed cost for this weekend course. you are invited to give a gift of what you feel is a fair price for the weekend, bearing in mind your own finances and the gift of time, experience and effort Kerry will be giving you. She is also open to gifts that aren’t money and please check that she wants them first! Please do not let the unfamiliarity of this stop you from coming, if you wanted a suggested price then please email Kerry HERE

6: Delivered by Kathleen O’Hara Farren, in Ireland and online – dates will be announced in 2017

Click here to learn more about Kathleen O’Hara Farren.

If you are interested in an Online Cultural Emergence Foundation Course or would like to attend a course in Ireland in 2017, please contact Kathleen O’Hara Farren via the link at the bottom of the page.

8: Delivered by Manon Danker and Manuel Loeffler on October 15 & 16 2016, 9.30 am to 5.30 pm at the Green Living Lab, Gustav Mahlerlaan 3005, 1081 LB Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Click here to learn more about Manon Danker.

Click here to learn more about Manuel Loeffler

Location: The Green Living Lab is a beautiful location with a geodesic dome to sit inside and a wonderful garden to explore.
The course Celebrating Cultural Emergence brings a practical guide for building a new culture centred on health and well being for people and planet. It takes us on a journey to be part of a new emerging culture, based on our connection with nature. It explores our place in the world and our belonging in community. Through creating a culture of safety and connection on the course we allow ourselves to dream, imagine, wish, design and create the world we want to live in.
The course is for people that want to have practical tools available to them to feel a deep connection with the natural world. It is both for people that are familiar with permaculture and nature connection, and for people who are new to this. The tools are designed to be applicable in our daily lives. Therefore for anyone who is curious about how this knowledge can benefit you, your loved ones, our communities and the planet.

9: Delivered by Peter Cow, Claire Milne, Pete McCowen and Maren Freeland on 30th September 18.00 to 2nd October 16.00 in Moretonhampstead, Devon. FULL

CEF 700We have chosen to collaborate on this course to bring all our gifts and experiences together, crafting a rich experience that embeds connective culture into our local communities, networks and region.
Devon’s first Cultural Emergence Foundation course will create a connective, fun and deep, residential weekend ‘village’ on a beautiful farm, led by a powerful and experienced four person local team.
Bringing together the insight of Social Permaculture, the depth of Inner Transition and the wisdom of indigenous knowledge and nature connection as gathered by the 8 Shields Institute, this course will share core routines and principles for fostering effective and nurturing communities, relationships and families in a connective, fun and deep, residential weekend ‘village’.
The course is hosted from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon in a beautiful wild wood, rolling field and granite landscape on a Dartmoor farm. There is plenty of camping accommodation, with some indoor sleeping spaces available in the farmhouse as well.
We have a sliding scale of £150-£90 and we are also open to work trades and paying in instalments – please get in touch to discuss this or to get more information about the course – 07824 878904 or contact us using the link at the bottom of the page.

You can also see this course on this link to this page on the Transition Network.

This course is held by a collective of 4 people all living in Devon:

Click here to learn more about Peter Cow

Click here to learn more about Claire Milne

Click here to learn more about Pete McCowen

Click here to learn more about Maren Freeland

10: Delivered by Philip Greenwood on 15/16th October at Cross Farm, Waldron, East Sussex.

Click here to learn more about Philip Greenwood.

For more information contact Phil directly at the link at the bottom of the page or call 07554 127926 /01435 812372

11: Delivered by Keith Ellis and Lex Titterington on October 22-23 in Lewes.

Click here to learn more about Keith Ellis.

The course brings people together to create vibrant, connected culture by experiencing and practising the Principles of Cultural Emergence. We will see how to bring about the cultural stories we want and need in our lives and what part we can play in creating them. In other words, how we can be fully alive in a collaborative and truly rewarding way. From this place of clarity and support we can deeply nurture our own personal culture and generate well-being in our communities and the wider world..

The course costs £75. If the cost is a problem or if you have any other queries please contact us on 07813 027345 or 07588 532227 or via the link at the bottom of the page.

12: Delivered by Looby Macnamara and guests at Bolsena, Italy, 12th -17th September.

Click here to learn more about Looby Macnamara

This course is integrating the design web and Cultural Emergence Foundation courses together, and is longer than the others (hence being more expensive). This course has 2 strands interweaving Cultural Emergence and People Centred Design. Looby has been co-creating the Cultural Emergence routines and principles with Jon Young over the last 6 months, and ran the first ever Cultural Emergence Leadership Training in July. The other strand is the design web, which is a permaculture design framework specifically created for people based design. Bringing these 2 things together we will be creating designs for ourselves to emerge the culture we want in our lives and world.

For full details of the course see HERE.

13: Delivered by Manuel Loeffler and Petra Kumm In Germany. Details to be confirmed.

Kulturwandel – aber wie?

Familie, Bildung, Arbeit,… Überall verlangen wir einen kulturellen Wandeln – hin zu etwas ‘Besserem’? In Zeiten des schnellen Wandels und einer immer komplexer werdenden Welt, fehlt uns Kultur, die vor allem ihre eigentliche Funktion erfüllt: Uns zu verbinden. Und, mit uns selbst, Und mit Anderen und Uns mit der Natur.

Es gibt Werkzeuge, mit denen sich der derzeitige Zustand wandeln ließe, sodass Kulturen entstehen können, in denen Fülle, Dankbarkeit, Achtsamkeit und Verbundenheit wieder natürlicher Teil unseres täglichen Lebens werden. Dafür gibt es keine Patentlösung, und der Prozess selbst trägt zur Vielfalt der Kulturen bei, die nach diesen Leitlinien entstehen können.

In diesem Workshop folgen wir den Cultural Emergence Prinzipien von Looby McNamara und Jon Young, um uns mit der Beantwortung der folgenden Fragen zu beschäftigen:
– Wie lässt sich kultureller Wandel gestalten?
– Wie soll unsere neue Kultur aussehen?
– Welche Rolle können wir bei der Entstehung dieser neuen Kultur spielen?

Wir werden die vielen verschiedenen Ebenen von Kultur betrachten, beginnend bei der eigenen, persönlichen Kultur, bis hin zum globalen Kontext.
Wir werden Werkzeuge, Techniken, Prozesse, Lebensweisen und Sichtweisen erörtern, die Durchbrüche möglich machen – von Lösungen in den eigenen vier Wänden bis hin zu größeren Wagnissen für ein neues Zusammenleben.

Mit vereinter Schöpfungskraft kann das scheinbar Unmögliche möglich werden.

Wir wollen Euch einladen, Eure Visionen für Euch selbst, für Eure Gemeinschaften und für die Welt zu nähren.
Wir bieten Euch Gelegenheit, Euch Eures Beitrages für die Welt gewahr zu werden, in Eure Kraft zu treten und auf Eurem wahren Lebensweg zu bleiben.

Mein Freund Manuel und ich verhandeln zur Zeit mit möglichen Veranstaltungsstätten in Norddeutschland und möchten gern zwei oder drei Foundation Kurse im Herbst und im Frühjahr anbieten. Wenn Ihr in einer Gemeinschaft lebt und gern einen Workshop bei Euch hättet, nehmt bitte Kontakt mit uns auf.
Unsere Orte und Daten werden demnächst auf dieser Seite eingestellt.

Click here to learn more about Petra Kumm

My friend Manuel and I are currently negotiating with possible venues in northern Germany and we’d like to put up two or three foundation courses two run in autumn and in the spring. If you are part of a community and would like us to hold a workshop at your place, please get in touch.
Our places and dates will be up on this page shortly.

Click here to learn more about Manuel Loeffler

14: Delivered by Fred van Heukelom, Vereniging Vlierhof, Klever Str. 115, 47533 Kleve, Duitsland

Cultural Emergence and Renewal. On 3 & 4 December, there will be a 2-day design course Cultural Emergence. In this course we will combine tools of nature connection mentoring [Jon Young] with the design principles used in permaculture [Looby Macnamara].

The core routines of Cultural Emergence will show us how to move out of our isolated confused lives into a world of deep interconnection and thrilling resonances between ourselves. This course will bring us tools & new core-routine [exercises] that will help us to create a culture and a lifestyle that is more informed and in balance with the natural Life-cycle.

See more HERE

We use Jon Young’s Nature connection programs and his 8-folded ‘nature-connection-cycle’ which is based on principles that indigenous cultures used to self-organize in their natural habitats. This will help us to invite all talents, skills of each other so that people can shine with their gift. We call this cycle the Acorn-circle.

The Acorn will help us to create an atmosphere of safety and connection during the course which allows us to dream, imagine, wish, design and create the world we want to live in.

The 3 main focus points of the process are: ‘Challenge and Awaken’, ‘Move and Invigorate’ and ‘Nourish and Nurture’. The Cultural Emergence toolset are the core-routines that will help us to be designers of our own life. Our life can have the quality and values that we want to express. In this design process we connect to our motivation and intention and see how we can put in the various resources, time and energy to make it happen.

When we step out of the workshop you will have used your own creativity and imagination. You will have experienced how you can become more resourceful, joyful and humorous. Perhaps even more importantly, you will have tapped into a deep source of co-creative way. It makes use of our shared resources and experiences of each other’s, new ways that we can support each other. Working together we can achieve much more. We will feel that we are more connected with each-other and the Earth herself. The exercises will help us to attune to the emerging new phase of human evolution in which we can weave the richness and depth of knowledge of all the cultures into a rich new field of interconnected and integrated Field of Unity that connects us all beings at our deepest core

We invite you to bring music instruments and your talents to co-create laughter, music and dance so that we will go home enriched and hopefully elated by what we received and learned from each other.

Tip: Anyone who has real an interest in understanding the natural design-principles, patterns and underlying a more deeply nature connected world- & people view, should read Looby Macnamara’s books ‘People and Permaculture’ and ‘7 Ways to think differently’.

These books are full of golden keys, adventurous exercises and powerful quotations that help us to move out of fixed patterns and limiting beliefs & explanations, illustration and adventurous exercises.

Click here to learn more about Fred van Heukelom .

If you want to contact any of the course organisers, you can do that HERE

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