The Great Meadows Share D-Lock Raffle

Raising money for bike locks to cut down on theft in Edinburgh.

Daniel Community September 4, 2017 at 9:53 am
Pledged of £999 goal
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Ok; much excitement! The First Official Meadows Share How You Like Us Now, Bike Thieves? D-Lock Raffle is now live, and here’s how it works:

~ Tickets are a pound each and you can buy as many as you like through this page.

~ At the end of September we’ll take all the money raised and buy as many D-locks as it’ll get us. The current prize pool is:
10 x Kryptonite Series 2 locks with 4′ cable at £18 each, kindly supplied by the Edinburgh Bicycle Cooperative, and:
10 x Oxford Shackle 12 Duo locks with cable at £10 each, kindly supplied by The Bike Bothy.
And I can get more if we sell more tickets than that.

~ Once purchased we’ll randomly draw as many ticket numbers as we have locks, and lucky winners can pick them up from the place where they are.

~ If you just want to buy a nicely discounted lock without having to win the raffle then buy 18 or 10 tickets, depending which one you want, and I’ll assume that’s what you’re after. You can pick it up when they’re bought.