Help us make our next trip to Dunkirk refugee camp :)

Hello :) To keep things short and simple me and my lovely friend Tori will be returning to Dunkirk to help in the refugee camp again! And we could do with some help.

Georgina and Tori's mission to Dunkirk Community November 23, 2015 at 11:48 pm
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Hello 🙂

To keep things short and simple me and my lovely friend Tori will be returning to Dunkirk to help in the refugee again! We have visited a few times before and we spent a lot (probably too much) of our own money not only on travel/hotels etc but lots of supplies and food etc for the refugees whilst we were there. Unfortunately we are not made of money and are hoping people might want to help us with our next trip … If anyone would like to donate even a tiny amount we would be soooo grateful and would be for an amazing cause. We would like to buy lots of fresh fruit and vegetables sourced locally when we get there but there are at least 1000 refugees in the camp and obviously a few packs of oranges won’t go far so we are going to need all the help we can get! Even £5 will enable us to buy a few day’s worth of food for a family whilst we are there 🙂 There are lots of women and children who arrived whilst we were there with absolutely NOTHING ! So tents, blankets and warm winter clothes donations are also welcomed 🙂 x



To see an upto date map of the refugee crisis situation visit
One world, One heart <3


We woke in the early hours of the morning and headed for Dunkirk only stopping off at the local patisserie to clear the shelves of bread for the refugees. Liasing with two of ONLY FOUR volunteers at the camp in Dunkirk that day they assured us our arrival would be welcomed and they greeted us on arrival. Being a Sunday a charity named ADRA which is based in France were also at the camp feeding the refugees as they have done every Sunday for the past 6 years! They only go on a Sunday, some days during the week there are no volunteers on site, no distributions, no food. We were due to leave for the tunnel home at three o’clock but as our eyes met those of the children in the Dunkirk camp we knew we had to stay longer. Another trip to the warehouse was ESSENTIAL.
The Dunkirk volunteers Sarah and Ronnie were FANTASTIC and helped in the even distribution of the donations we had with us, but for a camp reaching over 1000 people one car load of donations didn’t go far.
New families were arriving daily some walking over a thousand miles in hope of a better life to find a muddy field with no shelter.
Armed with a notepad and pen, in spite of the language barrier we managed to sign or draw what these people needed, we compiled a list of how many had no tent, no blankets, no clothes no waterproofs and no food and headed back to the warehouse in Calais.
Upon return to Calais we told the volunteers the situation there and someone quickly offered to load a van and return with us for the second distribution. We took contact details and have attempted to bridge connections between the Calais and Dunkirk volunteers to ensure overspill of donations is put to good use, and we are hoping more long term volunteers will choose to work with Dunkirk. One van and One car piled full of tents, blankets and warm clothes we ran around gathering the items the children needed. To depart back to Dunkirk with hope and love in our hearts.
On our return the families were anticipating us and stood around forming lines to receive the donations. I will never forget taking muddy soggy Ugg style boots off of a three year old boys feet, and the joy on his face when we handed him a pair of batman wellies and a winter coat.
The appreciation of a mother we gave a tent to, knowing her children would have shelter from the rain that night.
On departure we felt satisfied we’d made a small difference to their lives and the children had somewhere dry to sleep that night but the reality is that the support needs to be ongoing. We have arrived back in the UK with a passion ignited for making a long term support system for these people until a sustainable solution to their housing needs is found.
If you would like to volunteer this weekend or any other time, please do so via us or through the Calais to Dunkirk volunteer pages found in your facebook search bar.
If you want follow up on where your donation goes and the effects is made please email us and we will be happy to keep you updated.
If you would like to give donations of items please email / inbox one of us for a list of items that are being appealed for !!
To see an upto date map of the refugee crisis situation visit
One world, One heart <3

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  1. Lynn Bremner

    Hi where are you going from please? we have sorting units in Elgin and could give you blankets etc. Please contact me. Lynn Meg Bremner on Facebok Thanks x

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