Elsie’s Dream

Support my dear friend Elsie to realise her dream and to support her to gather her stories

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Elsie’s Dream


Elsie Winnipeg is one of my dearest friends. Elsie is a Native Canadian Grandmother of the Chippewa Nation. Her father was the chief of their clan.

Like many children of her generation she was sent to residential school where she was systematically stripped of her language and culture. Like many of her generation, losing their true medicine, she turned to alcohol for consolation.

Elsie was one of the fortunate ones who found her way back to sobriety and spirituality. I am so grateful that she did, as some 30 years ago she helped my alcoholic brother to recover and we have all been like family ever since. Since that time Elsie has helped 100’s of others to recover. Now in her mid 70’s, she is still working in the Penitentiary to help men who have lost their way through alcohol and drugs. She does so through a combination of 12 step and native teachings and loving them like family. Elsie has known her share of personal tragedy and continues to support her extended family on the reservation.

Elsie’s life long dream has been to visit Spain. This is likely to be her last big trip

I would dearly love to make Elsie’s dream come true. I want to take her there, and to help gather her amazing stories that she would like to share. I don’t have the means to make this happen by myself, so I am asking for your help.

Do you know somewhere in Spain we might be able to stay for 3 or 4 days from the 14th September?

If you feel inspired to support me in making Elsie’s dream come true then please make a donation via paypal or card on the right hand side of the page, click “Support Now”:

Or come along to my Brunch Sale August 14th from 11a.m. in the Findhorn CC

Any other offers of support are welcome, In Love and Trust, Margot

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