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Killingbeck Fruits Foods and Flowers

Although Killingbeck is in the bottom third of all 7 deprivation categories (Office of National Statistics) you can't believe it will last long as residents get geared up to transform their community through the power of flowers, fruits and foods. We are planting an orchard, creating flower beds around the estate and growing foods to preserve. So far this year we have raised £13,000 to run 50 sessions. 6 local residents are leading the project with 30 regular children participants.

What do they need? Flower Power!

Each year Linda and Jean, elders of the community (5 generations of Linda's family have lived there!) grow hundreds of flowers themselves to plant around the estate all from their tiny green houses. They aim to brighten the estate and and to inspire the next generation to enjoy gardening. They need your help to put up and kit out a 8ft x 10ft polly tunnel on the community allotment. This will empower them to use their skills to meet their communities needs. Your support will enable them to lead the free children's gardening club in flower growing and make their community stronger and brighter.

Other Funders?

Affinity Sutton Housing Association £3850 - Gardening club

Leeds North Clinical Commissioning Group (NHS) - Food preserving equipment, sessions, plants and evaluation including publishing a report with Sustain (The Alliance for Better Food and Farming)

The Urban Orchards Project - 16 trees, training, resources

Backers (11)

  1. Luke Tilley 
    2 years ago
  2. Katy Gregg 
    2 years ago
  3. Ashok Burton 
    2 years ago
  4. Stuart Wiggans 
    2 years ago
  5. Luke Tilley 
    2 years ago
  6. T Tilley 
    2 years ago
  7. cath muller 
    2 years ago
  8. Peter Tatham 
    2 years ago
  9. Simon Tilley 
    2 years ago
  10. Peter Yeo 
    2 years ago
  11. Luke Tilley 
    2 years ago

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