Help make Wild Sparks Outdoor Nursery a reality

Developing Perthshire's first fully outdoor children's nursery in a natural woodland environment.

Wild Sparks Outdoor Play CIC Community September 2, 2016 at 1:13 pm
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Outdoor Play in nature is one of the best things we can offer our children to bring them health, happiness, knowledge, understanding and resilience.

Wild Sparks Outdoor Play was founded in 2014 to provide safe and exciting play and learning experiences in nature for children of all backgrounds and abilities. Our vision is to enhance children’s lives through healthy, active, challenging and exciting experiences in nature. We run woodland holiday playschemes, forest school projects with vulnerable children/families and CLPL and training events for the children’s workforce. We are a not for profit organisation offering affordable, and often free, opportunities for children, schools and families.

We are now very excited to be in the process of opening Perthshire’s first 100% outdoor nursery on a new site just outside Coupar Angus. This service will provide immersive experiences in nature, year round, for up to 54 nursery aged children.  The nursery will be run by qualified and experienced early years teachers and forest schools practitioners and is due to open in January 2017.  What’s more, from August 2017 onwards, families will be able to send their child for virtually nothing, using their government allowances to cover 90% of fees and making the service accessible to local families from disadvantaged backgrounds. We already have families signed up ready to go but we can’t proceed without one thing…

Wild Sparks needs to install an 18 foot yurt, heated with a wood-burning stove. The yurt will provide warm and dry shelter in extreme weather, a gathering space for stories and crafts, dry storage for spare clothes and a safe base for first aid or other emergencies.

We need a contribution of £2500 towards the cost of the yurt and stove, having already raised the remaining £1500 ourselves. Please help make this project a reality and bring life-changing benefits to children of Perthshire and the Wild Sparks team!

A little more about Wild Sparks…

At our existing woodland site near Alyth we create a unique environment for children to explore and discover through their own imaginations. There’s no such thing as a typical day at Wild Sparks playscheme as the children set the agenda, it’s a chance for them to be free, as noisy and raucous or peaceful and contemplative as they choose, to do everything or nothing for a whole day, lost in the spellbinding magic of the forest. 

Wild Sparks’ work is underpinned by the following governing principles, created in partnership with staff, children and parents. Wild Sparks sets out to…

  • Provide time and space for children to learn and develop through free play in nature
  • Promote equality and inclusion through inclusive ethos and practices
  • Nurture children’s connection with, understanding of and stewardship for the natural world
  • Inspire and facilitate other adults who work with children to develop their own outdoor learning initiatives

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