30 Day Hot Yoga Challenge to raise funds for Permaculture Diploma

Sponsored 30 day Hot Yoga Challenge to raise funds for Permaculture Diploma

Nadine Permaculture August 10, 2017 at 10:27 pm
Pledged of £950 goal
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Hello everyone,

I am completing a 30 day hot yoga challenge to help fundraise for my Permaculture diploma. I recently completed my Permaculture Certificate with Ludwig, which I absolutely loved doing, and want to take it further.

I will be doing a hot yoga session every day for 30 consecutive days beginning this month (August). Google 30 day hot yoga challenge to find out more!

I am really looking forward to embarking on the Permaculture Diploma, you can find out more about it here:


Your contribution will be greatly appreciated and help to set me on my path which is starting to feel like a calling. My dream is to volunteer in Permaculture farms like this one day:


To have a beautiful permaculture garden like this one day:


Where I can grow my own food and trees 🙂

I would love to continue learning and growing in my Permaculture practice through the Diploma. Any contributions will go straight to my Diploma and anything left over to Permaculture trips and tools.

Thank you,