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Sharing is caring – help me with my next mission - Yoga teacher training!

Julita Community December 16, 2017 at 4:51 pm
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My Name is Julita. Many of you know me as a Movement Therapist and Psychotherapist, others as a Mindfulness teacher, some of you as a Business Support officer at the Greater London Authority. There has been many twists and turns on my career path. All of it has been an invaluable experience and led me to be where I am now. I feel though I’ve reached another crossroads and I am taking a new direction. I am expanding.

I am very excited to share with you that I have been accepted to do Yoga Teacher training at Agama centre in Thailand.  This founder page is to help me to raise funds that will allow me to follow my next path which is yoga teacher training.

My journey so far…

I trained as a psychotherapist in London and completed a four–year Diploma course in integrative psychotherapy. After having dedicated more than 10 years to the exploration of mind and emotions I felt the physical and spiritual aspects were missing. It was then, when I started teaching movement and art therapy and mindfulness and started practising yoga noticing huge benefits of it on all levels of my life.

Yoga and I

Prior to my Yoga practice I’ve been committed to 5 Rhythms for many years and I’ve treated it as my spiritual practice and the expansion of self-awareness through the movement.  There was a turning point in my life when my mother died. I stopped dancing and I was drawn to Yoga.  I needed a practice that would keep me grounded and present in the moment. Through meditation, breath and asanas I felt I could cope better with the grief and I felt more connected to myself. What I love about Yoga is the balance between mind, body and spirit that other practices did not give me.

My mission

I would like to create a class that will combine physical aspect of yoga, meditation, and spirituality with emphasis on emotions as Yoga is a miraculous cure for depression and anxiety. There is too much focus on the physical in many Yoga classes in our western society.  It became a trend and it gives impression that everyone who practice Yoga is young, very fit and able to do the most challenging poses. Yoga is not about how acrobatic you can get! Well, if you can – good for you 😉

As an aspiring Yoga teacher, I want to promote acceptance of the body regardless its shape and age. I also want to promote a healthy and balanced life style that is both practical and spiritual and I want my classes to be accessible to people from all walks of life.

I don’t need to do it all by myself!

A friend of mine who is a yoga teacher has totally inspired me with her fundraising video! I’ve always been very proud and all the training I’ve done was with my own efforts and  often struggles. I just believed I have to work hard to get anything in life. Listening to what my friend said made me think how humbling it is to ask for help and that we do need help sometimes, we don’t have to do it all by ourselves! When I give something to a person I don’t expect anything back, I trust and know it will come back to me in another form. During Psychotherapy training I gave more than 700 hours of free psychotherapy as a part of the training. I was also teaching employees of the City Hall in London Mindfulness meditation weekly. I am grateful I could help and inspire others to change their lives. Giving is beautiful and very rewarding and we can contribute with something, we can have an impact on others, our family or society. So let’s inspire and support our beautiful visions!

Leap of faith

To follow my heart and dreams I have decided to take a leap of faith and to leave my job at the Greater London Authority. It is a very scary step for me as this job has been an anchor during many storms in my life but I know that sometimes we just need to jump into the unknown trusting that everything will work out! So please support me if you can financially or with your encouraging words!

What can you get from it?

  • Satisfaction you did something good and contributed to my dream and Save The Children UK charity
  • Access to inspirational blog posts
  • 1 recorded guided mediation (see project reward levels)
  • 3 bespoke discounted Mindfulness Sessions via skype with me (see project reward levels)
  • 1 session of New Year Vision Life Coaching skype session with me (see project reward levels)

Sharing is caring

Because sharing is caring and because I feel so grateful for having this opportunity and freedom of embarking on this journey I will match 10% of the total raised amount and donate it to Save The Children UK charity as we need to always remember there are less fortunate among us.

Please note that the crowdfunding page I picked is very ethical. They don’t charge for the transactions. Everything will go to this project and to the Charity.

So please donate as much or as little as can…everything will be much appreciated.

Thank you! Blessings


  • Geraldine Hart
    Best of luck Julita and good on you for following your dreams
  • Ben Crofts
  • 01/09/2018
    Let the money and support roll in.
  • 01/06/2018
    It's a great idea and I wish you well x
  • 01/04/2018
    Wishing you all the best with your next adventure. Xx
  • Anonymous
    Good luck with your journey x
  • 12/20/2017
    Good luck!