7 Year old Lily asks you to sponsor her having 8 inches of her hair cut off and made into a wig

The Highlands Support Refugees Refugees January 16, 2016 at 1:20 pm
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Lily’s sponsored hair cut

In mid-February 7 year old Lily is having her hair cut to be made into a wig for ‘the little princess trust’.  She asks you to sponsor her losing 7-8inches of hair, and for the proceeds to go to ‘The Highlands Support Refugees’.  Like many others, young Lily has been affected by the refugee crises and she wants to do something to help those in need, and, in particular, the children.  When asked why she wanted to raise money, Lily said:

“I want to get slings for people to carry their babies in because it will be hard to carry bags and a baby…I want to give them clothes and warm shoes, proper dry tents to keep people warm and caravans for them to live in for a while.  Also teddies and toys for the children in case they didn’t get to bring any.”

Please support Lily in her admirable venture to raise money for THSR.  Donations to THSR will go towards the transportation of our sorted donations to wherever they are needed the most.  To date we have sent 1796 boxes to Calais, Dunkirk and Greece, since September 2015.  We have sent warm clothes, blankets, waterproofs, toys, wash kits and camping gear, amongst many other items.  Currently we need to get Aid out to Calais and Dunkirk as quickly as possible as people there are in dire need of our help.

Thank you for supporting Lily and The Highlands Support Refugees.

For more information on how to help please visit our website:


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