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A completely sustainable ecology-based model of society that can start micro and self-fund to the macro

Medicine Ways Coop / Medicine Ways Foundation Community February 5, 2016 at 10:34 am
Pledged of £340,000 goal
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Startup land fund for the Guardianship Band of the Medicine Ways Co-operative, Sweden

The result of 30 years of intensive related studies (All areas of permaculture, Earthship Biotecture, Ecological water restoration. Bio-remediation using plants and fungi, Indigenous support around the planet (meaningful future relationships and ongoing crisis), sustainable woodland management, circle-based society dynamics, co-operation rather than competetive thinking, resource-based-conflict resolution and peaceful relations).

Finally we have a viable model start-up (that can later be adapted/mirrored in micro-village form in support of any culture and climate on the Earth for similiar allied efforts – autonomous sovereign resilience to near future ecological concerns) – and the initial skeleton crew to form the band necessary for it to happen on the ground.
The “Green Circle Alliance” has always been the grassroots term for the people we’ve listened with who have united in discussions about and tested various elements around the world these last 30 years – this is the result of these intensive discussions, trials and errors.

Medicine Ways Ekonomisk Förening is the legal entity registered within the Swedish system for putting this model to work for land and life, hopefully for generations to come. The central committee that is currently restructuring itself over December 2017 / January 2018 will in future be able to assist other autonomous bands of caretakers in setting up in their own home communities – whether as part of the Medicine Co-operative directly, or not. It only matters that the work starts getting done and sustainable solutions applied as far and wide as possible.

Although Earthship building will be still a background feature in discussion with various kommuns of Sweden (further helping to co-shape and co-evolve these buildings for the Northern climate), this crowdfunder is to finally fund a critical site for a full species inventory to be designed into one 5 hectare dynamic cradle – the mother plants and system. By turning to the people once more for just kickstarting the first of three phases of project development, we can take it the rest of the way by initiating the first three of twelve sustainable economic initiatives, as listed below:

Phase one – Full spectrum ecological cradle (with paralell commercial nursery alongside for fruit, nuts and hardy perennials to the local community, as well as all species to be represented in our food forest).
On two cheap properties in and on the edge of a small rural Swedish community in decline (one renovation object building, inner village – one 5 hectare rural site on the outskirts), the first six caretakers within the co-operative will then create a Guardianship for all future work to come. One central Earthship building will fill all support functions and the needs of the human element within the system. These caretakers will become the fulltime seedkeepers of all species, as well as run the local nursery / food forest support centre and local shop. This is phase one of the project and the reason for this startup, to secure the patch of Earth for this to stand on and grow from.

The target of this startup primarily includes the survival needs from now for the first few active caretakers until Spring to continue doing the species accumulation work through the winter and all administration at the heart of this project. If the target isn’t met by Spring enough to secure a property for the season, we aim to be prepared anyway to temporarily use privately-owned land for the first two 40m2 lightweight (moveable) greenhouses for accumulation of 10 000 small first year fruit and perennial plants (via cloning/ cuttings) for the commercial nursery startup, which will then aid in this funding attempt to buy the final Guardianship site outright. Ten thousand plants in stock will give us a starting baseline of over a million kronor in money terms, from the nursery perspective (with rising value with plants that don’t sell immediately first year).

Once on our own land we’ll move straight into Phase two development. This will be the integration of a Community Supported Agriculture system into our perennial food forest – maincrop regular foodshares distributed for a fair monthly membership price to a local elderly community (rural Swedish village, 140 residents (mostly elderly), all village shops closed now creating full dependency on petrochemicals (either by transport or transport of necessities in a constant stream. Either way we can divert this stream back to the local village itself and reopen a shop as part of this original crowdfunder attempt). This shop will then become a multi-functional hub: distribution point for CSA shares to the elderly community, regular shop sales of any cash crops grown at the 5 hectare nursery/CSA site. The economy created by the redirecting consumption to sustainable local resources, will be internalised back into the local community, improving the ecology, local relations and even renovating complete eyesore buildings, offgridding them along the way and using any additional gardens as cradle expansion possibilities  – buildings as extra caretaker dwellings. We are currently looking very seriously at a couple of potential communities in a couple of Swedish Kommuns in need of what we have to offer and we anticipate entirely successful results in both sustainable urban AND rural regeneration. Discussions have begun with the local elderly with very encouraging feedback and the wish for this to go ahead.

Phases two and three of the project will be self-funded without relying on the people (crowdfunding) and instead be a natural bi-effect of the success of Phase one.

Phase two: The Stewardship – full focus on local CSA development whilst looking for future caretakers to join the co-operative and work /live within the system together with us who start the ball rolling on a more effective scale.
Phase three: The Apprenticeship – a much more active push for several more Earthship buildings, to be used as both training opportunities aimed at the younger generation AND training our own co-op caretakers so that more of our community can be available to the surrounding community through a variety of private consultation, design and building / landscaping services, whilst further continuing the vertically integrated initiatives (nine more follow, to be publicly launched at a later date). Systemisation of the knowledgeshare and experiential skillshare opportunities in the same time and space.

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  1. Kevin

    Thank you Lotta, Rose and Miriam for being the first! Bless ladies. We’ll keep you updated almost daily via the Facebook group until the website community pages are active. (We ask for a little patience with this because our web admin is 8 days late welcoming his baby into the world 😉 I look forward to working with you on the ground, but until then, you will have complete transparency and chance to influence developments via the group. Onwards forever onwards 😉 For all our relations…literally!

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