Providing Practical Support for Refugees Across Europe

"The Highlands Supports Refugees" is a group of people in the Highlands of Scotland who have come together to try and provide practical support to refugees across Europe in the midst of the ongoing humanitarian crisis.

The Highlands Supports Refugees Community December 30, 2015 at 1:02 am
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True Story

As a group, our aims are to provide practical assistance to refugees across Europe in a number of different ways including:

  • Collecting donations of essential clothing, camping & household items
  • Sorting, packing, transporting and distributing donated goods to various locations in Europe including Greece, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia and France (Calais)
  • Working on the ground and in refugee camps to understand how best we can help provide food and water to those in need
  • Helping build infrastructure in camps including shelters, sanitation, cooking facilities, distribution centres etc
  • Helping support other charities and aid agencies also working with refugees
  • Raising awareness of the critical issues facing refugees in Europe.

To achieve these objectives, we have a number of costs we need to cover.  These include (but aren’t limited to):

  • Expenses for our new sorting and packing centre (heat, light, stationary etc)
  • Logistics expenses for transporting sorted donations to the point of need
  • Travel expenses to support people volunteering on the ground in Europe
  • Urgent (non donated) items required in the camps (eg shovels to dig drainage, nails to build shelters etc)

The people of the Highlands have been incredibly generous with donated goods so far- and we have been overwhelmed with the messages of support and goodwill for this cause.  If you can help us maintain this effort by supporting us financially we will ensure your money has a direct positive impact on the lives of refugees in Europe.  Thank you!

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