Re-Act, Refugee Action Scotland

We are Re-Act, Refugee Action Scotland, a volunteer run Non-Profit Humanitarian Aid Co-operative bringing emergency aid to people in crisis around the world.

Re-Act Community January 18, 2016 at 3:47 pm
Pledged of £10,000 goal
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Re-ActRefugee Action, Scotland, is a volunteer run Non-Profit Humanitarian Aid Co-operative launched in response to the global refugee crisis.  We are part of a growing organisation, fundraising to bring urgent aid to people in need across the world.

Thanks to our dedicated teams and partner projects, including Edinburgh Cares, Re-Act Lochaber, Falkirk and Badenoch to name but a few, we have managed to send around 600 tonnes of vital aid to people in need in France, Greece, Croatia, Hungary, Serbia, Macedonia, Turkey and Syria since August 2015, with over 750,000 donated items being individually hand sorted, packed and shipped by our incredible volunteers.  Several teams of volunteers have also joined aid runs to help support aid organisations in various locations.  Much of our funds have also been used to purchase and provide water, food, clothing, building materials and other urgent supplies on site, thus aiding local economies.

Our efforts continued through the harsh winter months as conditions deteriorated and the risk of disease and death increased daily, but we are working just as hard through the warmer seasons as more and more people are in dire need of aid.  Fundraising is vital in order to continue doing this; every pound donated makes a difference.  The conditions many men, women and children are surviving in is highly dangerous and inhumane.

In Calais alone there are thousands of displaced people who have fled their home countries in Africa and throughout the Middle East, countries including Syria, Eritrea, Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq, and risked their lives in a desperate attempt to find safety.  Most of these people have fled from war and tyranny and have suffered through and witnessed atrocities that most cannot begin to comprehend.

As we are volunteer run every penny raised goes directly to helping those in need, and we wish to thank everyone involved for the incredible generosity and dedication they have shown.

In conjunction with our partner projects and other organisations we are also working to support individuals and families arriving in Scotland and also aim to educate, to raise awareness of the growing crisis and unite in a spirit of solidarity and equality for all.  Current projects involve such things as setting up playgroups for children and their families and English language lessons for children and adults.  We also aim to assist our new neighbours in settling into their new homes by sourcing furniture and other essential items, and helping them integrate into their new communities.

We believe that everybody has a right to life; their needs do not matter less merely because they were not born into a more peaceful and privileged society.  We are all people, we are equal, we all have a right to a basic quality of life and we all deserve a chance to live in peace.



Thank you all for your incredible and generous support.

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