Save Rubha Phoil

The monster of 'economic growth at all costs' is knocking at the door of Rubha Phoil. Help us to stop it!

Otter Appeltans Environment March 26, 2019 at 9:00 am
Pledged of £300 goal
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We don’t have all the information yet but, we will update this page once we receive it.
The information we have so far is that there are proposals to expand the ferry port of Armadale along the Western shores of Rubha Phoil.
This will enable bigger boats, including cruise liners to dock. The impact of this disruption this will make life and activity for humans and wildlife at Rubha Phoil and the shore unbearable and the project

This monster will not succeed. We will stop it.

We need your help to achieve this.

We need a campaign fund to do so.

Please help if you can or register to help in other ways

Larger sums can be transferred in other ways to save on payment fees.

We will use the money to pay only for campaign related costs like leaflets, websites, travel costs, materials
and such solely used for the purpose of stopping this monster.

If there is any money left over after being successful, we will offer you a choice for a partial refund or spend it on a good project that enhances biodiversity on Rubha Phoil.

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    Wishing you a successful campaign