Share Peace Project, Kenya

Help us empower the community by expanding our land and building a seminar hall for the community

Share Peace Project, Kenya Permaculture August 24, 2015 at 10:04 am
Pledged of £5,300 goal
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SHARE stands for Sustainable Housing, Agriculture, Reaching Everyone. Share is a project founded by me Yongo Otieno Wycliffe in Kitale, Western Kenya.
SHARE has a small piece of land 50 meters by 100 meters but we really need much more land to dedicate to the community. This land will bring the people together and will help our communities grow. We will grow organic non-GMO permaculture food utilizing cultural techniques, thus preserving and reinforcing the cultural aspects of the communities with which we are working. With your support, SHARE can continue to grow and provide self-sufficiency to many communities, and help regenerate the land.
The cycle of poverty can be broken, and critical resources as well as housing will give communities, the economic stability necessary to emerge as an asset to the people and government.


Please help us fulfill this dream, and by your contributions, you will become a critical supporter of self-sufficiency. Be part of our future !
By supporting Share Peace Project Kenya expanding and establishing a small seminar hall where we shall offer small follow up workshop where the community will gather together and learn and also share the ideas and experience together. Your funds will help us secure space to grow and continue contributing to a young and growing community. Through the first phase of our seminar hall building OUR VISION SHARE encourages change and is passionately involved with care of this Earth. Permaculture principles provide solutions. Through many opportunities, Permaculture can address the lack of education, especially that of organic farming. By establishing a sustainable community , we can have a base of operations and a regenerative model to address issues such as: early pregnancy, drug abuse, and idleness. By creating job opportunities, that empower talents such as dancing, running, acting, singing, and creativity, we may encourage the natural interest and ability of our beautiful people. The children are our future, let us invest in them together. Quality life is improved across the community


OUR MISSION: To transform community members as much as we can to live sustainable
LONG TERM GOALS: The empowerment of the community through encouragement and provision of grassroots education enabling and supporting the re-connecting to self, community and the earth. Organically expressed in a nurturing ‘feedback’, sustainable environment to allow cooperation, coordination and team building solidarity in a sustainable way.
1.Caring for the earth and respect all form of life
2. youths are custodians of the new earth nation
3. empowering youths/children and women in every sector as share
4. no violence and discrimination as share peace project
5. work together as brothers and sisters and share the ideas and knowledge together as community reasons for the community land&seminar hall provision of free and accessible education reaching out different people around the community it will help in provision of follow-up workshops and seminars for community help empower talents to the youths and children since it will also help as a place to train dancing, theater, singing and many other it will help the women organize there female discussions talks as well as men and youths since it will act as there gathering point where they meet and have their discussions.


WHAT WE NEED we want to raise $ 8000 (£5300) For buying more land, construction tools such as wheelbarrows, jembe, spade, shovel and gardening tools, construction of the conference hall, education materials, seeds… this funding will help us make sure not only that the project happen, but that its done well and sustainable in the long -term and take a step to reality
THE IMPACT as things stand, there is no community centre where all the members from different parts can come together and learn and share knowledge
RISK AND CHALLENGES we are working under poverty and poor environment but we will make sure that your generous donation goes where they’re supposed to go.
OTHER WAYS YOU CAN HELP we need your support even if you are unable to contribute a financial donation, you can still help us
1. please share our vision! Spread the word and make some noise about our campaign 2. act now use the share tools to let your your circles, your tribes, your friends and families about the important of initiative share peace project Kenya, place of hope is driving towards
3. help us find sponsors and donors to support this movement
4. if you want to help this crowdfund in any other ways, please get in touch
Thank you

Yongo Otieno Wycliffe

The Huffington post made an article about me. You can see it here

This is me explaining permaculture

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