Support for David’s family – Misol, Manow and Maya Drysdale

Raising funds for David's family, their move into their new home and anything else they choose to do with it.

The Drysdale Family Fund Community June 20, 2016 at 12:54 pm
Pledged of £10,000 goal
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When I last saw and spoke with David on June 12th and 13th 2016, we spoke about his dying and his regret that he was not leaving any financial legacy for his family, we also spoke about the family’s impending move to the new flat and the associated setting-up costs for them. I asked his permission to speak to Misol about a project like this and got her agreement to do it Since then we have raised over £15 600 together (which is way beyond what I originally thought could be done) – and it continues to flow thanks to the generosity of David’s friends.

3 thoughts on “Support for David’s family – Misol, Manow and Maya Drysdale

  1. Eric Winick

    Dear David,

    What to say? You’ve always been an inspiration to me; I’ve been wowed by your enthusiasm, drive, and spirit from the day we first met in Edinburgh 23 years ago. Lisa, Rhys, and I are sending love, positive thoughts, and yes, a few shekels your way. Please know that whatever comes, you are #1 in our book: a class act, and a true force of nature.

    Peace, brother.


  2. Martin Kelly

    Dear David,
    We haven’t met before, other than on email, when you helped me join the MKP online community by organising login details etc.
    I’m glad to provide a little support for your healing.
    It’s wonderful how many others are doing the same.
    Go well,

  3. Jonathan Burr

    On behalf of the Men who meet at Dorset Wharf on a Thursday night a small donation but much more love and appreciation and blessings for David, Misol and family.
    Mark P, Mike, Adrian M, Adrian C, Dan, William, Mark H, Robbie, Pawel, Frank, Tito, Scott, Mo, Roberto, Fabrice, Paul, Jonathan

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