Support Melanie Dawn in her battle against cancer

Passionate environmental campaigner, committed fracktivist, mother and nana - Melanie Dawn, founder of Llanelli Frack Free, has been fighting a cancer diagnosis for the last few months. Those of us who know how amazing Melanie is, felt to start this crowd-funder to raise money towards her treatment. Melanie is a fighter, and she doesn’t want to be a victim, she doesn’t want to die, she wants to beat this illness and to do that she needs our help.

Melanie's Healing Helpers Community March 14, 2016 at 11:03 pm
Pledged of £3,000 goal
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Please contribute to Melanie’s cancer care

Each gift is appreciated

Melanie’s healing helpers now wish to grow the amount of money raised and we are hoping to fund-raise £3,000 towards Melanie’s cancer treatments.

THANK YOU!  For helping us to surpass our modest initial target of £350

Melanie’s survival rate will be hugely increased if we donate towards her treatments.  Every contribution helps, even a pound makes a difference.

Please give as you feel

We set the INITIAL target at £350 – we now realise that was too low – can we make it to £3,000?

We would like Melanie to be able to afford to book therapists,  herbal remedies and supplements to boost her immune system and fight the tumours.

Melanie’s chosen treatment path includes:

Oxygen therapy which is £20 a week, so 3 months will cost: £240

Portable infra-red sauna which costs:  £245

Top quality juicer cost £200

If abundance flows, £280 covers the full cost of a Living Well course at the Penny Brohn Cancer Help centre in Bristol.

Reiki, Reflexology, other therapies & supplements are on the menu if we raise enough cash

Cost breakdown:

Oxygen Therapy: £240  Portable IR Sauna: £245  Juicer:  £200  PB Cancer Help Centre:  £280  Homoeopathy 2.5 hr initial session: £65 plus £45 thereafter for 10 wks: £515  Liver flush: £70

Total:  £1,550

Plus the cost of supplements& remedies

Any extra funding can contribute to Melanie’s travel costs to and from these various therapies.

If we can manage to raise LOADS of money, we will host a great big Frack Free party to which you are all invited!

Thank you 🙂 For reading this far, and for your contributions

May we all be blessed by Melanie’s feisty being for many decades to come!

Blessings & Love Melanie’s Healing Helpers


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