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TRADITIONAL ADVAITA VEDANTA SCOTLAND is at a junction where we are considering how we can practically sustain classes on an ongoing basis in Edinburgh.

We are currently BLESSED to have a teacher living and offering teachings in Traditional Vedanta, Vedic chanting AND Sanskrit. Classes are always open and offered freely to everyone, regardless of their ability to contribute. Normally people travel all over the world to find these teachings with such a teacher, and then often can find themselves disappointed with practical and cultural differences interfering in the ability to best share/understand the teachings.

We are presently a small committed group of eight students. We sit here in Edinburgh with a Scottish teacher, who, having studied law and theology and worked for years in New York city during the early AIDS eruption, went on to spend over 13 years in India, predominantly studying the ancient wisdom of the Vedas, primarily under the greatest contemporary exponent of this ancient knowledge, Swami Dayananda Saraswati.

You may have heard of yoga? This is the well that yoga springs from.

Circumstances have recently changed and, after some number crunching, it has become clear we have a shortfall in monthly donations required to support Gangaji that she may keep offering these, and gradually more, classes here in Scotland. So we now strive to find financial ways to support our teacher so we can continue to have local live access to these teachings.

This crowd funder aims to cover that gap and hopefully with a little extra cushioning in case of student illness or change of financial circumstances.

Your help to invest in supporting the ongoing availability of this profound unique wisdom is requested, however big or small, as it all adds up, as do the drops in the ocean. A calculated decision to invest at such a level (whether or not one is personally able to attend classes) brings lasting, far reaching results..

Project Updates

Further to our fund raising several students  are doing their own individual bit with services and events.

Melissa’s birthday jam session with donations towards the campaign

Ashley and Andra collaborating to offer 4 hands massage at a fraction of the cost usually charged. If you’ve never experienced this unique touch relaxation therapy check out their facebook page to make a booking

Student organised summer Introductory talks, look on facebook for event and click interested to be reminded of when the next one in Edinburgh

Student Experiences

” I have been attending Ganga’s classes for about 4 years now, after attending an introductory talk, I knew I had to fully explore the opportunity these classes offered.
For the first year or so I noticed a general sense of ease after each class, I could not explain what the classes were about really, I simply knew they were deeply valuable to me .
The effects I have come to recognize more recently are very subtle but far reaching, helping me recognize aspects of myself and my whole life from an entirely different perspective, in a very positive and empowering way, I feel better prepared to cope calmly with whatever experiences life gives me.”– Roderick Johnston

“Attending the teachings has helped me to develop more spaciousness and clarity of mind. I had been exploring the concept of freedom in life and trying to gain understanding about love and happiness, seeking a deeper meaning. The understanding I held about freedom appeared to be continually challenged but I can see through the exploration of Advaita Vedanta and Karma Yoga, situations arise to learn and grow from, and that life is an unfoldment of what is presented in the moment.” – Melissa Bradd

If you are in the Edinburgh area and feel drawn to these teachings you are welcome to contact Gangaji through the Traditional Advaita Vedanta Scotland facebook page