Does this Earth Ways Crowdfunding Website take a % of the funds raised?
No we do not. The owner of the crowdfund will receive any funds paid directly from the contributor to their account. It will not pass through our website or accounts. They will only have to pay for any transfer costs. This is usually deducted from the amount the contributor pays before it reaches your account. Take these amount into account when calculating your total amount you want to raise.

Does Earth Ways take some percentage of ownership or intellectual property of things made through the fundraising platform?
No. Absolutely not. Campaign creators keep full ownership of their work.

Account Settings

I forgot my password, how do I log in?
Go to the sign-in pop-up box, and click on the Forgot your Password? link. From there you will be guided through the process.

How can I log in using my Facebook account?
You can sign in with Facebook using the Facebook login button on sign-in pop-up box.

How do I disconnect my Facebook account?
Log in through Facebook, then go to your account settings to disconnect from Facebook and set a password on your account page.

Do you recommend connecting with Facebook?
Yes! It’s an easy way for anyone to log in. If you’re a creator, it’s a great way to let contributors know a little bit more about you. It’s an easy way to show contributors you’re a real person. Remember to adjust the privacy settings of your Facebook account to better control what new visitors see.

Who is Earth Ways?
Earth Ways is a permaculture business, run by Ludwig Appeltans. It is mainly educationally focussed, though a major project is the creating of a Nature-Based Permaculture community.

Earth Ways social networks are here:

How can I contact the manager of the website?
You can email us using our the box at the bottom right hand of the screen.

Are contributions tax-deductible?
Most contributions are not tax-deductible.

If you have a question about a reward, shipping address or need to provide additional information for your contribution, contact the campaign creator, through their campaign page. For all other questions, refer to the Contributions section below.

Can I cancel my account?
You can cancel your account as long as you have not raised any money. Accounts that have raised money must remain active. Contact us to cancel your account or campaign.

How to Contribute
To make a contribution, you must first create an account with us. This is as simple as signing in with Facebook or Google.

At this time you can only contribute using paypal.

If you want to avoid fees for a larger donation, you can ask the project owners to share bank details with you.

You may contribute to any live campaign by clicking on the “Contribute Now” button. You’ll be able to enter how much you want to contribute, claim your reward, and pay using Paypal.
All transactions take place in £. When you contribute to a campaign, your money is immediately debited from your account. If the campaign is successful, the contributions will then be sent to the campaign creator.

Your Information is Secure
We’re committed to your safety and security. We have safeguards in place to secure the information we collect online, prevent unauthorized access or disclosure, maintain data accuracy, and ensure the appropriate use of information. As we not not receive or pass on money, no bank or paypal details are held by us.

How Do Refunds Work
When you contribute to a project, the money is immediately debited from your paypal account and passed onto the project owners. If you pledged, the campaign does not reach its goal, the money is not collected. Any refunds are to the discretion of the campaign owners. Earth Ways cannot enforce any refunds.

How to Contribute Anonymously

You can use an anonymous email address, or you can create a new one. In paypal you can link that new email address to your paypal account and use that to send money. Please note that the campaign creator will be given that e-mail address to be able to send you updates and contact you about rewards.

How to Edit Your Name
You can adjust the name that shows up on the campaign page for your contribution. Just log in to your account, then click on your name in the upper right hand corner. Select My Profile from the drop down menu, and continue from there.

Was My Contribution Successful?
We will send you a confirmation email if your contribution is successful. You can also keep track of any successful contributions made by checking your account’s profile page for a complete list.

Where is My Reward?
We don’t know, you’ll need to ask the campaign creator.

Can I Upgrade My Reward?
We don’t know, you’ll need to ask the campaign creator.

Fees and Pricing
Is it Free?
It is free to contribute. The only costs are the transaction fees for paypal. Since the paypal money goes straight to the campaign owner, we, the website managers don’t have any control over that.