Lets buy land together to build a permaculture community

Lets put our resources together to buy a large piece of Scottish land to permaculture.

Otter Permaculture January 11, 2016 at 4:41 pm
Pledged of £100 goal
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Please share with your networks or with people you think might want to invest or help

This project has been a success and is now ended. A few people went off to create a community together.
Others are still going but have decided to do this differently, without membership. If you send us a message, we’ll put you in touch.


Join us on this amazing permaculture mission!

We are dreaming of owning a piece of land within a self-sustaining permaculture community. But, we cannot do this without other interested, like-minded people and therefore we invite you to join us. Our idea is as follows: we have an amount of money to contribute towards buying a plot, but this is not enough to buy all the land for a community. Besides, self-reliance cannot be achieved alone and we aspire to create a community to realise our dream together.

If you too are looking towards buying a piece of land, can contribute an amount of money, skills or maybe know a plot that is available, please become a member of our “permaculture community”.
We ask a monthly £3 membership fee to make sure that everyone that joins is and remains really interested. The fees raised will be used to finance the forum, pay for a meeting space or any other costs that we will encounter.

It can work as follows:

We will make the sums of all the amounts we are able to spend on land and look for land that we can afford.
When we find potential sites below that price, we will together decide if it is the right one. If enough members are willing to put their money together to reach the total sum, we will get our solicitor to make a bid.

Good to know:
– It is not likely that we will find affordable land that has planning permission for a home for all members. If security of investment in the form of planning permission, is your dream but you do not have the funds to finance it, it is best not to join. If you have enough funds to fund that part of the land, you are very welcome to join.
(This means that if you think to find a building plot with land for a small amount of money, you will likely be disappointed. You might have better luck in other parts of the world.)
– This £3 will be a monthly recurring payment. If you want to stop being a member, you can stop the payments in your paypal account.
– The forum will be a private space where we can communicate in private.
– If profiting from a land deal is your goal, please don’t join.
– You are not entering in any commitment when joining.

– We are primarily looking at Scotland. But most people wouldn’t mind looking a bit further on the European continent. If your dream is to live somewhere else, it is best not to join. Our idea is really simple. You are welcome to use this platform to crowdsource your own community.

Please share with your networks or with people you think might want to invest or help

9 thoughts on “Lets buy land together to build a permaculture community

  1. David Abramson

    Do you have any more info on the project? Governance structure, any designs, your expertise in permaculture, anything else? Love the idea!! Hope it happens for y’all.

    1. Ludwig Appeltans

      Joining the discussion is not a commitment at all.
      We have the online meetup on a forum first. When and where we would meet up we will decide together.

  2. Ines

    Great idea, but I did not understand this part with the land having planing permition. Are you talking about construction permits or what do you mean exactly?

  3. Ludwig Appeltans

    In this part of the world, we cannot just build a house without permission from the relevant authorities.
    Land that has permission to build a house on is expensive. Very expensive. Not something the average person can afford any more, but still dream off.

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