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This crowdfund to rasie £10.000 to start a permaculture farm is what inspired Ludwig to create this website.

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Please share with your networks or with people you think might want to invest or help

This crowdfund is what inspired Ludwig to create this crowdfunding website and offer it for free to other people.

“When I was looking around for a crowdfunding website, I could only find websites that would charge 5%. I needed to raise £10.000. That would cost me £500. For the privilege to use a website? Seemed insane to me. I decided to create my own and offer it for free to other people too. “

The Earth Ways’ crowdfunding website was our planets’ first FREE crowdfunding website. Together we raised more than £200.000 for good people and projects. Saving more than £10.000 in fees!

There are many more free crowdfunding projects now, so the project got shelved and the website is not only available for our own projects.


Here is the old funding raising pitch from 2011:

Earth ways is happy to announce the start of a new permaculture farm, led by Ludwig Appeltans on a 3 acre field near Forres in Scotland.

The first preparation steps are already in full swing. Five Tamworth sows will be arriving soon to help make the soil ready for organic, sustainable food production.

Our goal is to provide up to 50 people (or 20 families) in the area with all the food they need—vegetables, eggs, and meat—all produced in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Earth Ways is dedicated to bettering the land through our farming methods and to promoting the health of our customers. Permaculture is the farming practice of a sustainable future. We work with nature rather than against it to grow wholesome, nutrient-dense food that is difficult to find in supermarkets. Our food will be produced using very little machinery and fossil fuels, and without man-made fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides. In addition, the project will restore the soil, encourage wildlife and contribute to re-capturing carbon from the atmosphere.

More information can be found here:
What is permaculture?
Why the future of farming is permaculture.

You have a chance to be part of the change. We are looking for investors to help this project reach its full potential. We have already raised £3000 but we need your support to take it further.

The following investments are needed:

1. Deer and badger fencing: £4000
2. A Polytunnel: £2000
3. Set-up and first year running costs (animal food, seeds, plants and soil improvement): £4000 (does not include wages)

We look forward to the opportunity to supply you, your family and neighbours with nourishing food for years to come!

For more information, please contact Ludwig Appeltans.

Earth Ways also provides:
-Permaculture Courses, Design and Implementation
-Forest Gardening & Wild Food
-Deep Nature Connection Mentoring
-Ethical Tree Work

Please share with your networks or with people you think might want to invest or help