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This crowdfund aims to raise enough funds to fulfil the next step of creating our free foodhub for our local community around Forres-Kinloss-Findhorn and surroundings. We want to connect our ethical local food producers directly with local customers.

Otter Community May 22, 2015 at 1:22 pm
Pledged of £2,000 goal
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Please share with your networks or with people you think might want to invest or help

We aim to offer: An online hub, where producers and customers can easily connect and sell food directly to the customer, cutting out the middle man, the supermarket. This will ensure that our money stays local instead of filling offshore bank accounts, our local resilience increases, customers pay less for good food and producers get more. We reduce the foodmiles drastically, we can all afford healthy food, we all win! We have been working on this for 6 months already. We have invested a considerable amount of our time and money in this already. We have already installed the online shop that Stroudco has kindly provided for free. We have made some connections and are ready to try out the shop for the first time. But we need some funds to bring this to the next step. We are strapped for time to take this further and we need to establish contact with more producers, we need to find volunteers and producers, we need to promote the software with the customers, we need to hire professionals to install and adapt the new software people are working on and fife diet is trying out. Maybe you are the one we are looking for? We are aiming to raise at least £2000. Please help us to upgrade this free tool and make it more user friendly to create local resilience. On this link, you can also find out how to register as a customer or as a producer. Many thanks Ludwig and Danielle from Earth Ways

Please share with your networks or with people you think might want to invest or help

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