Help Rubha Phoil make the next step towards self-sufficiency.

Rubha Phoil is a young nature-based permaculture community on the Isle of Skye. We need to replace old loans with new ones and we need extra funds to help us get to the next level of self sufficiency for the Rubha Phoil community.

Ludwig Appeltans Community December 25, 2019 at 11:24 am
Pledged of £20,000 goal
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Rubha Phoil Logo

Rubha Phoil team summer 2019

Rubha Phoil team summer 2019

Rubha Phoil is a young nature-based permaculture community. Our vision is to create a thriving, resilient and diverse community, a place of reconnection to nature and ourselves as well as modelling and teaching of permaculture and community building. You can read all about it on our website here .

Two years ago we borrowed 90.000 from kind people like you to help finalise the purchase the land. Many have allowed us to keep the loans for a second year. Over the past two years, we have already paid back £39.500. Our community business has been flourishing and growing fast over the last 3 years. Though having to repay £39.500 in two years while also having to invest in the infrastructure is a little too fast for us. Our reserves are depleted. We need £10.000 to restock our reserves to be able to pay lenders back in an eventual urgency and we need an additional £10.000 to build a new showerblock. We need that showerblock to be able to grow our business so that we can repay our loans faster and invest more into the community and it’s members.
We need £20.000 in total. It is good to know that the total value of the loans is not more than 10% of the property value and that we can sell one of our 4 house plots to repay the loans, should that be needed.

Any form of help is gratefully received.

We would appreciate to borrow money from you.
If you have a little bit of money that is not doing much at the moment and you would like to allow us to use it for one year to create resilience and community, please do get in touch.
You can contact us via e-mail on info(at) or call us 0044(0)7760142495. We’d be happy to answer any possible questions.

We offer in return
– A choice of interest between 0-3% p/a
– An officially, registered contract which guarantees repayment as best as lawfully possible, written by solicitors. The contract will be registered officially by the Registry Of Scotland, to avoid any possible dispute.
– My (Ludwig Appeltans’) personal guarantee that you will get your money back. I have lots of good friends that are happy to testify that I am true to my word. The land would be collateral to guarantee your repayment. The land is not used as collateral in any other transactions.
– We are raising £10.000 more than we need, to enable us to organise emergency repayments, should you need your money back in a hurry.
– We can keep your loan anonymous or credit you, your organization or company as you wish.
If you want to talk about additional conditions, let’s have a chat.


If you want to help, but cannot commit to a one year long loan, have a look at the following rewards. We are proud to be offering our own educational and inspiring permaculture principle products, created with the help of many volunteers and with the art work of Suzanne Birch.

  • 12 uniquely designed permaculture principle postcards

    Rubha Phoil Postcard of  permaculture principle 4: Apply self-regulation & accept feedback.

    Rubha Phoil Postcard of permaculture principle 4: Apply self-regulation & accept feedback

  • 12 permaculture principle birthday calendars

    Rubha Phoil permaculture principles Birthday Calender

    Rubha Phoil permaculture principles Calender frontpage

  • permaculture new year, new start resolution gift – tell us who you would like to inspire to make the step towards a permaculture life and we will send out a permaculture learning kit, with your personal wishes attached (optional). Included in the gift are:
    • the birthday calender,
    • the book: “Permaculture in a nutshell” by Patrick Whitefield
    • an inspiring few words from you or from us
    • a discount of %20 for booking a visit to Rubha Phoil in 2020
    • a one hour long tour around Rubha Phoil and a chat about permaculture.
    • a half an hour skype call with Ludwig to help guide your friends on their steps towards permaculture and a possible start of a mentoring relationship.
    • Let Ludwig guide your friends or family onto a permaculture journey towards abundance and resilience.
    • We will contact you after check out to coordinate your wishes.
  • You can also support Rubha Phoil and the regeneration of our forest by donating a tree
  • or a New Zealand Holly to replace the Rhododendron
  • or you can just make a donation if you do not want anything in return.

If you have any questions, please check the tab: FAQ on the top of this text.

Thank you for taking the time to read. Please share with people you think can help.

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  • Ron Wilson
    Hi Ludwig, Please plant a Holly tree as well as the calendar.
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