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Terms of Use for Posting a Project

This website is no longer accepting projects. Only Earth Ways’ own projects are allowed. We’re sorry. We didn’t receive enough donations to keep the project going. Now that there are other free platforms out there, there is no longer a need for our services. Best of luck in raising your funds!

Terms of use for contributors


Contributors are solely responsible for asking questions and investigating Campaign Owners and Campaigns to the extent they feel is necessary before making a Contribution. All Contributions are made voluntarily and at the sole discretion and risk of the Contributor. Earth Ways Crowdfunding Platform does not guarantee that Contributions will be used as promised, that Campaign Owners will deliver Perks, or that the Campaign will achieve its goals. Earth Ways Crowdfunding Platform will do it’s best to ensure the campaign creators are genuine and real and good people who do what they promise. But we trust that you understand that we cannot be personally liable for other people’s dishonesty. We are trying to help and can’t take responsibility. Earth Ways Crowdfunding Platform does not endorse, guarantee, make representations, or provide warranties for or about the quality, safety, morality or legality of any Campaign, Perk or Contribution, or the truth or accuracy of User Content posted on the Services. Contributors are solely responsible for determining how to treat their Contributions and receipt of any Perks for tax purposes. If a Contribution is returned to a Contributor, the associated Perks, if any, shall be cancelled.

If you suspect any abuse or wrongdoing, please alert us asap.

Service fees Setting up an account on our site is free. We do not charge Service fees to Contributors. By using the site Users agree to our terms and conditions

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Contributions are not refundable. If a Campaign Owner is unable to perform on any promise and/or commitment to Contributors (including delivering any Perks), the Campaign Owner will work with the Contributors to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution, which may include the issuance of a refund of Contributions by the Campaign Owner. The Earth Ways Crowdfunding platform cannot enforce refunds as we do not have any control over the payment accounts of the campaign owners.